MenTamizh Word Processor

MenTamizh Word Processor for Windows

Software to type Tamil language on a virtual keyboard

The MenTamizh Tamil Word Processor software allows you to use your keyboard in order for you to write the characters in the Tamil language. The program has language tools that are very useful for composing a message in Tamil.

The MenTamizh Tamil Word Processor has a Rich Text editor designed specifically for Tamil and English. The program also has multiple dictionaries, publishing tools and 5 multi Tamil keyboards to help you type Tamil characters on your screen.

The virtual keyboard has all the characters you will need in order to complete a Tamil composition. The MenTamizh Tamil Word Processor works on any Microsoft Windows application.

The program has 20 Unicode Tamil fonts, and also has a font and encoding converter. The MenTamizh Tamil Word Processor lets you use your Word files in Unicode and will let you translate from one type to another.

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MenTamizh Word Processor


MenTamizh Word Processor 1.0

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